Learn which internet provider uses the latest technology and how they work right here here, right now! Specialize in programming, network systems, multimedia, and more. Click and find out why we have the information you need.

Onyx Tech is an entirely web based learning system and as such requires all participants to have an internet connection to take part in our program. If you are interested in our program please look for Internet providers and find an affordable provider you can set up on your end. Although any broadband provider will work sometimes the latency of satellite services can cause issues with live events or discussions. Onyx Tech works best avoiding this technology, but if it is the only available to you you please read these satellite internet before purchasing to find the best one.

Onyx Tech programs are very flexible and the right time for our customers is the right time for a class! Please let us know how we can better fit within your schedule and we will do whatever we can to make that happen!

Onyx Tech excuslively uses wireless internet and recommends it to all of our clients.

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Onyx Tech offers customers very specific technical training across many disciplines. We can offer training tailored to you needs.

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Lean more about how technology will always require a human element to truly provide total efficiency.

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The world is getting smaller every day. Make sure you have the training you need to find a place in it.

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Networking is more than just machines sending data back and forth. Learn what is going on all around you right now.

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Solid apps in satellite offices are no longer an option. Know what tools you need on the go.

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