HEREMobile technology and security is the fastest growing industry in the tech sector right now. In 2011 Microsoft predicted mobile Internet use would surpass desktop Internet use by 2014 and it has. 63% of all cell phone owners use the device to go online, 30% of those use their device to make purchases, and the number of consumers who say they primarily use phones for Internet surfing is up 21%.

Although desktops will likely remain the primary access point for business users throughout 2014 mobile will surpass it eventually. This means serious changes in the workplace for large businesses as more workers will be shifting from a stationary desktop or your laptop to connecting from files anywhere across multiple networks. This enables workers to connect their presentations and documents from anywhere but it also creates new security concerns that current technologies simply can't satisfy.

In order to prepare for this changing mobile business world Onyx Tech has created a new curriculum. The new offering will consider the following issues and educate appropriately.

Constant Connectivity

Mobile device ownership will give employees the ability to not only work from anywhere but to also remain connected to work at all times. A new expectation will be had that workers will be reachable at any time as well. While this may appear like good news for everyone if businesses allow their employees to be more flexible and location hours may not be so. This constant connectivity will probably result in Americans working longer hours and being expected to respond to business issues any time. This time she better managed via apps that Onyx Tech is currently developing that will allow workers to not only manage the business time more efficiently but make sure that they have family time available when necessary or desired. There's no need to give up the family for work if you can work from anywhere, and is no reason to give up all of your time for no reason.

App Revolution

The software employees are using changes everyday. The days of updating Microsoft Office every three years to make sure your business stays up-to-date is long gone but there is new technology to make sure these upgrades are neither time-consuming nor to painful financially. There was a time when a business would require a full office suite, industry-specific software, e-mail programs, and various other networking programs that no one really knew how to use. Now there's apps for everything.

The trend toward mobile means employers will need to expand their understanding of what is necessary from software perspective. Everything can be moved to the cloud now including billing, scheduling, project management, web development, e-mail, and more. This plus individual under this plus corporate account plans can increase productivity and flexibility as well as lower price especially when it comes to upgrades. An example of this would be the Adobe cloud which offers a monthly fee that includes all upgrades for life.

BYOD Security

Over the next two years it will come commonplace for every business to have a BYOB policy. Remote wipe and encryption software on personal devices is already common, and is will increase as virtual workspaces become more and more mobile and spread out. There is also software put in place to make sure there is a clear separation between work data and personal information to allow workers to connect using a single device for both purposes without intermingling files that can cause confusion in a legal issue. If there is a possibility one of your workers could access work data on a personal device a BYOB policy will become a requirement.

Our users will learn not only what a BYOB policy is but how to best create and manage technology in order to fit within one.

Cloud Apps

Businesses are now redefining how when and why devices will be connecting to their servers. Employers will be moving steadily to a cloud environment increasing productivity, flexibility and decreasing cost and an ever-growing rate. Solutions like Microsoft office 365 are already making this much easier and will become the standard in a few short years. Providers who can allow users connectivity from device will always be at an advantage over those that don't.

This means when new business solution is required a business will be able to immediately find and download a solution without having to create a team or worse pay outside contractors to create a solution on-the-fly. This will also reduce tech support costs.

With this in mind Onyx Tech will train our users to be able to not only comfortably work within such a cloud environment but to also create apps, modify technologies, and help businesses grow into a protected and advanced cloud environment.