With up-to-date industry-standard equipment Onyx Tech gives students what they need to be successful. We will increase your confidence in your abilities while at the same time actually increasing your abilities in your chosen field and upon completion of the multimedia offering you a valuable experience operating the latest technologies and using them to meet your goals.

Although the multimedia program does include video production many students get confused and believe that that's all it has to offer, this is not true. This program includes a full study on digital media technology and teaches the skills that are needed to design, author, organize, and deliver multimedia presentations. Upon completion of this program our clients are prepared for entry-level positions across a variety of multimedia opportunities including presentations, web, and television or television production. This series of lessons is fashioned after the New York Film Academy.

Interested parties wondering where multimedia professionals are actually working will find them in a variety of settings including the following:

Entertainment law marketing advertising business management science education sales technology

In 2015 the Labor Department expects the field of multimedia production to grow at least as fast as the average and possibly more. With this anyone seeking jobs in this area of expertise are expected to face a great deal of competition. Applicants with website design and animation experience will have a leg up on these opportunities.

As an Onyx Tech client you will be trained to learn industry-standard applications used by the nations leading production companies. You will learn to design videos, graphics, websites, and more using Photoshop, Final Cut pro X, Adobe premium Pro, Adobe After Effects, audition, Cinema 4D, and more.

You will also learn:

Motion graphics graphic interface design animation presentation techniques interview techniques video production and editing

The digital media offering is a full-time program. It consists of 12 months study, and the full curriculum is 16 classes focusing on the multimedia field. If taken full-time client would take four classes at a time and should shorten the required time necessary to complete the courses to eight months. Classes are offered in a specific sequence in order to ensure maximum synergy and this cannot be altered.

Class space is limited and competitive. Because demand in this particular field is high it comes as no surprise that the man in classes also I. If you wish to participate in the Onyx Tech multimedia program an application must be completed and submitted six months prior to beginning and the courses must be purchased at the time of their start. Financing is available.