Japanese Version of QC(tm) Now Available

Bradenton, FL -- 17 FEB 1995: Onyx Technology announces the release of a Japanese version of QC(tm), their Macintosh stress testing tool. I-Systems, which also completed localization of QC v1.1.2 for Onyx, will begin selling QC for the Japanese market immediately. "We have experienced strong sales of QC to the Japanese market", Devon Hubbard at Onyx notes, "and are very happy to be able to offer our Japanese customers a localized version." The localized version will be version 1.1.2J.

QC is a system extension that allows programmers and test engineers to quickly isolate problems in application software and code resources that would otherwise randomly crash or hang under different Macintosh configurations. These tests can be performed by non-technical personnel with little or no knowledge of Macintosh programming. Software engineers can take advantage of a custom API to achieve pinpoint control from directly within their code. QC gives developers and Quality Control personnel an extensive tool for stress testing their application software before it's shipped. QC version 1.0 started shipping in March, 1994.

QC runs on all Macintosh models with System Software version 7.0 or later. Balloon help, 32-bit addressing, and Virtual Memory are supported. QC is compatible with the new PowerPC based Macintosh systems. A native PowerPC version will be released later this year as a free upgrade to existing users. A free, fully featured time-out demo is available on America Online, AppleLink, and CompuServe - contact Onyx via email for more information. Pricing is $99.95 with discounts for multi pack orders.