Spotlight on Macintosh

FAQ 1296.1

Q: What is Spotlight?

A: Spotlight is a stand alone debugging aid that performs memory protection (arrays, heap accesses, outside your heap, low mem, etc), discipline checking on toolbox calls, and leaks detection.

Q: What Macintosh platform does it run on?

A: Spotlight is for testing of PowerPC executables. A generated xSYM file is needed for processing to begin testing. Most environments today will generate an xSYM file for a PowerPC project.

Q: Is there a demo available?

A: At this time (Nov '96) there is no demo available. When we reach the final 1.0 release we will produce a demo for wide distribution on the net, third party CDs and user groups.

Q: What kind of code can I test Spotlight with?

A: For release DR1, applications and shared libraries are the only supported executables. Subsequent releases will support stand alone code resources (plugins).

Q: How can I obtain Spotlight?

A: Spotlight is sold on an annual subscription basis. Pricing is US$199 . The subscription service provides all updates and maintenance releases for the year after the initial purchase or renewal date. Multi-pack orders may have different shipping charges. Mastercard, VISA, and American Express card accepted. Corporate purchase orders accepted. Site licenses are available. All Onyx products carry a 30-day no questions asked money back guarentee.

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