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A Webring is a way to group sites with a similar interest together in a "ring". Links on each page in the ring allow you to move from one site to the next, allowing one to (eventually) traverse the entire ring and end up where they started. For more information about webrings, please visit the WebRing Organization web site. What is the Macintosh Developer webring?

This webring contains sites that are Macintosh developer related. Specifically, they provide services to the Macintosh Development community. The sites contained may produce either commercial, shareware, or freeware solutions for developing software on the Macintosh. What if my software is NOT specifically for Macintosh Developers?

You will probably want to submit your site to the Macintosh Software webring. Click here to visit the MacSoft webring. Can I add my site to the Macintosh Developer webring?

Sure. If your site provides Macintosh development solutions, please submit it for inclusion on the webring. Please note that actual appearance on the ring is subject to approval (see below). If your site is not Macintosh Development related your submission will be rejected. Periodic checking of sites contained on the ring is performed and any site not Macintosh Development related will be removed. Also, all ring members participate in the contents of the ring. So if there is a concensus from existing ring members that a site does or does not belong on the ring, the situation will be corrected. Let's keep the ring focused and informative!

Once you've added your site to the ring, copy the links shown above (previous, next, list all, etc) and put them on your web site somewhere along with the webring logo. Change the 'id=1' in the html code for the links to 'id=X' where 'X' is the site ID you receive when you submit your site to the ring.

Some Prelimary GuideLines

Your submission to the webring may get refused for one of the following reasons:

The page you submitted for inclusion on the web ring DOES NOT contain the 'MacDev Webring Logo -or- it does not contain the words 'MacDev WebRing' with a link to the following: .